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Entertainment Reservations

Creating an Entertainment Reservation

Press the icon to add a new reservation.

Press the blue arrow button on an existing reservation to view or edit it.

To delete an existing reservation, swipe the row from right to left and press the Delete button that appears. Note - this cannot be undone.

Press the Mouse Memo button to return to the Main Menu

Press the Event row to display a list of available events. These include Tours, Cruises, Shows, Recreation, and Spas.

After selecting the desired event, the Location row will display either the location where the event takes place or the text "Select a location"

If "Select a Location" is displayed, multiple locations are available for the selected event. Press the Location row to display a list and select the correct one.

Press the Date row to select the date and time for the reservation.

Enter the confirmation number, party size, balance due amount, and balance due date.

The phone number is automatically filled in. If you are using this application on an iPhone, pressing the Call button will dial the reservation number.

Press the Save button to save your reservation and return to the Entertainment list.

Press the Cancel button to return to the Entertainment list WITHOUT SAVING the reservation.

Select the desired event by pressing the row. The application returns to the Entertainment detail screen.

This screen shows the availabe locations for the selected event. Press the row containing the correct location.

Press the Back button to return to the Entertainment detail.

Use the selection wheels to enter the date and time of the reservation.

The Day, Month, and Year buttons adavance the displayed date by 1 day/month/year.

Press Save to accept the date and time. Press Canel to return to the Entertainment detail screen.

If you are using an iPhone, the Call button will place a call to the entertainment reservation number.

Note, this will terminate Mouse Memo - the reservation being entered or edited will be saved before the application exits.